AGL Service Design Animation

About This Project

In the realm of creative endeavors, Creative Instinct received a summons from AGL to conjure forth an enchanting animated tale. Its purpose? To illuminate the inner workings of their Service Design team within the cloaked confines of their organization.

In the shadowed corridors of understanding, service design often lingers, veiled in misconceptions. Thus, this ethereal creation was forged to unveil the arcane strategies, the intricate weaving of processes, and the tireless labor that unfolds behind veiled curtains, all presented in a manner both whimsical and intimate. Behold, for the characters gracing this spectral narrative are not figments of imagination but manifestations of the very souls inhabiting the halls of AGL. Thus, every stroke of the pen bore the mark of bespoke craftsmanship.

In harmonious accord, Creative Instinct and AGL Energy embarked upon a journey of collaboration, a dance of synergy that culminated in a masterpiece of unparalleled splendor. Together, we stand, bathed in the glow of satisfaction, for the final creation is a testament to our shared vision and dedication.