Animated Videos

The Global CCS Institute is the world’s leading authority on carbon capture and storage (CCS) – an international climate change organisation. In 2020, they lauched their CORE product, which is a huge database containing everything CCS in an easy to use platform.


CORE Animation Video

Creative Instinct hosted a 3-hour creative workshop with the key stakeholders, to establish the message, key benefits and voice over script in order to map out the storyboard and flow of the video. The promotional video is regularly used in various aspects of the business including events, training and customer meetings.


Global Status Report Promotional Video

Every year Global CCS Institute puts out the CCS Global Status Report which is a huge ticket item for this client. It is a really the puff piece and a huge amount of work goes into these highly shared global reports. There are always critical data points that are taken out of these report and we turn these into an easy to digest promotional piece.

Creativity unleashed

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