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The Best & Worst AFL Promos

With the 2015 AFL premiership season finally upon us, we are taking a look at the AFL’s Best & Worst TVCs… some cringey, some awesome!!!

AFL – “I’d like to see that!” (1994)

AFL – “I’d like to see that!” (1996)

AFL – “I’d like to see that!” (1997)

AFL “In a league of its own” (2009)

AFL – “Australia’s Game” (2012)

AFL “Nothing like it” (2013)

The amazing work of Patrick Seymour

Heard of Patrick Seymour?
Those that have will recognise his unique line-art illustrations a mile away…

I know there are designers out there who often find themselves deeply gazing into the Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 start up background and in some way feel like our little mate has disappeared far too quickly..


So Patrick Seymour is an Art Director based in Montreal, Canada… and if you haven’t seen any of his work now is your chance.. check out some of his familiar characters in some of his beautiful handy work!

805 Million Names – Zlatan Ibrahimović

Take a bow Zlatan Ibrahimović…

This should happen more often but it is fantastic to see a world recognised sporting superstar give back. Not just give back a few dollars to the grassroots of their sporting community but to send an important message to the world, on a topic that is glossed over far too often. It is deplorable that in 2015 that the many millions of people in the world still are suffering from starvation and live in poverty.

Kudos to you Ibrahimović for putting it back on the table for conversation.. everyone deserves a chance at life.

To show your support donate to the World Food Programme at:

Budweiser: 2015 Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog”

Last year, Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial featuring an adorable golden retriever puppy and its iconic Clydesdale horses went viral, and it seems they have brought the #BestBuds back in 2015 for the Superbowl.

A very different take on beer advertising when considering the competitor’s typically humorous yet relatable male larakin. This ad was ballsy in 2014 and in 2015 trying to ride out the bestbuds popularity. Not sure if these commercials hit the target market for Budweiser but it is already starting to make serious noises in the online world. Who is this targeting?
To me this commercial targets the women that are buying their the boys their chips, salsa and beers for their superbowl parties – Regardless I can’t wait to see what the world’s take is for the second installment of #BestBuds.

Here is 2014’s launch for those who haven’t seen it.

QV Chiro – Fitness Fitness Promotion


Creative Instinct is pleased to show off QV Chiro’s Fitness First Promotion. Located within the QV precinct Sally Foo from QV Chiro has identified Fitness First as a good way to potentially attract prospective clients interested in maintaining a health body and lifestyle.

Have a looksy to see how Creative Instinct helped out Sally engage with her audience.

Guardian: The Three Little Pigs

Still one of our favorite TVCs and it is easy to see why…

This advert won the Cannes Lion Award for “Three Little Pigs”.

This advert for the Guardian’s open journalism, screened for the first time on 29 February 2012, imagines how we might cover the story of the three little pigs in print and online. The piece follows the story from the paper’s front page headline, through a social media discussion and finally to an unexpected conclusion.


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